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Im neunen Jahr bekommen wir neben Blockbuster Spielen wie Cyberpunk oder The Last Of Us Part 2 auch die neue Konsolengeneration. The Red Lantern. A Juggler's Tale. › das-sind-unsere-must-watch-indie-games Indie Games: Indie-Spiele: Neue Spiele unabhängiger Entwickler für PC und Konsolen. Die besten Indie Games und Epic-/Steam-Geheimtipps - wir.

Indie Games 2020

PC Gaming Show länger und gefüllter als jemals zuvor? Wir haben dir alles Indie Game Relevante einfach mal kurz aufgeschrieben. Indie Games: Indie-Spiele: Neue Spiele unabhängiger Entwickler für PC und Konsolen. Die besten Indie Games und Epic-/Steam-Geheimtipps - wir. The Red Lantern.

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Stardew Valley will have you playing for hours on end, for better or worse. If you want to prove who the ultimate gamer is to your friends, put the digital M16 down and indulge in this madness instead in At the same time, it feels like a stealth game with Tattoos 2020 overarching puzzle loop. Fortnite v Dwarf Fortress is its own genre and its own industry. With a stacked list of current gems and promising yet-to-be-released games, what else could there possibly be to look forward to? Anyone young enough to remember the fledgling days of the internet is set visit web page a steady stream of nostalgia as they navigate grainy instructional videos, floods of pop ups, and a cluttered, gif-laden desktop. Press ESC to close. As a result, Otis has to work with an assortment of villagers in-game to take out enemies. Wer erinnert sich nicht an die ultra komische und schwierige Zeit? The Last Campfire Hast du mal Feuer? Als Rekrut einer Raumstation werdet ihr damit beauftragt, ein Blackjack System Sonnensystem zu erkunden. Besucht uns Facebook und Instagram und diskutiert mit uns über link Lieblingsspiele. Manchmal geht es dann eben doch ganz schnell. Login Registrieren. Und auch das fröhliche Operieren geht weiter, jetzt im Coop. Indie Games 2020

The dark, surrealist art only helps to elevate the dreary motif. Also in development from Powerhoof is The Drifter , a 2D point-and-click adventure game that's also worth being pretty stoked about.

It's been four years since Abzu was released. It looks like Giant Squid is continuing to blend art game and exploration mechanics with its next title, The Pathless.

It's hard to tell exactly what The Pathless will be, but one look at it, and you'll know whether you want to play it.

The game stars a warrior type character and is set in a bold and colorful world. There are massive beasts and dragons — the whole thing looks really grand.

Originally planned for a release, The Pathless was pushed back to Last year, we got Baba Is You. This year, we're getting Roki. You play as a young lady named Tove as you explore a quaint mountain village.

Roki is very much rooted in old school adventure gameplay, tasking you with solving environmental puzzles by using and combining items you acquire along the way.

The relaxed pacing of this atmospheric game seems perfect for those days when you're home, covered in a blanket, sipping on some tea.

If you've ever wanted to play as the monster in a horror movie, Carrion has you covered. Developed by Phobia Game Studio, the game is a part of Devolver Digital's lineup of upcoming indie games, and it looks pretty sick — in more ways than one.

As the blob-like monster, you go around underground facilities killing scientists and security guards. You grow stronger as you progress, increasing in size and obtaining new abilities.

Having played the Steam demo a few months ago, I can attest to just how enjoyable it is grabbing scientists and flinging them all over the place.

Way to the Woods has been in development for the past couple years. Created by the one-man Studio Happy Bee, the game follows two deer trying to find their way to the forest in a post-apocalyptic landscape.

The dreary setting notwithstanding, Way to the Woods is a really pretty-looking game, featuring rich visuals reminiscent of a cartoon.

Here's hoping is the year we finally get to play it. If not, we'll continue to wait with the utmost anticipation.

It's fast and fun, but it also requires a bit of strategy. Cris Tales also plays around with multiple time frames. The screen is often split up to represent past, present, and future, which affects both battles and the overworld.

In combat, you can shift your enemies' time periods and make them young and inexperienced but physically strong or old and feeble but wise and capable of magic offense.

Similarly, hopping around time periods in the overworld will open up different side quests. One glance at Eastward and it's easy to see the wonderfully weird '90s-era Japanese cartoon inspiration.

Thankfully, you're armed with flamethrowers and frying pans. There's an undeniable artistry to the gameplay of Lost Words: Beyond the Page.

In development by Sketchbook Games and with a story written by Rhianna Pratchet, Lost Words lets you write in the young protagonist's journal to alter your environment.

You play as a young archer with an eagle for company as you look to rid your world of the new evil. Appearing like a more hands-on, involved game than their previous effort, The Pathless looks to offer sumptuous visuals and puzzles alongside combat.

Dotemu and the gang are wisely not changing the formula too much, offering multiple characters to play as as you make your way through waves of bad guys.

With the mind behind that iconic soundtrack returning and it shaping up very nicely indeed, looks like we will soon have another great couch co-op game to punch our way through.

Regardless of any controveries which seems to have consumed all conversation regarding the game itself, Ooblets is still looking like an endearing farming and living sim where you grow and train your strange little pals.

Shaping up to be a lo-fi delight, Ooblets will allow you to put your mind into cruise control as you take part in dance battles, grow your farm, and just generally live the quiet life.

A long in the making isometric adventure, Tunic sees you playing as a fox in a magical land that seems to take some inspiration from the The Legend of Zelda series.

Developed by just one guy, Tunic is looking like a charming time with minimalist storytelling and a gorgeous art style to accompany it.

Players will progress over time with better, more powerful weapons in Tunic, which was recently revealed to be a console exclusive for the Xbox One.

A bonkers FPS sci-fi with tinges of horror, Atomic Heart made a huge splash when it was revealed thanks to an eye-catching reveal trailer, though new information has been a little thin on the ground ever since.

Looking like a mix between Black Mirror, Chernobylite and BioShock, it certainly has one of the most interesting visual designs of recent memory.

Set in an alternate universe in the Soviet Union, you play as special agent P-3 who must figure out what the hell went down after a botched landing in a dark world.

Atomic Heart will dabble in the insane and pleasing the Motherland when it launches sometime down the line. One of the most influential indie games of all time is gearing up for a sequel sometime in the not too distant future after a delay saw it miss its release window to add some more detail to the game.

Revealed in , Spelunky 2 will focus on the daughter of the protagonists from the original classic as she makes her way through treacherous caverns on the hunt for loot, one roguelike obstacle at a time.

Currently sitting on an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam, the brave switch to a 3D world seems to have paid off for Hopoo, which is a brilliant name, by the way.

A multiplayer roguelike, players must work with others or go it alone to escape an alien planet while also seeking out what makes beasts of us all: sweet, sweet loot.

Featuring a supremely chill soundtrack and a progression system that actually makes you feel like you are making progress, expect Risk of Rain 2 to continue to go from strength to strength.

Following regular delays, it looks like may finally be the year that we see the masochistic platformer make its second debut. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl team up across a gargantuan levels to save their daughter from the dastardly Dr.

Fetus with all kinds of hazards sure to make players want to eat their fists along the way. It has a beautiful, sharp cartoonish look with rich colors, and from as much as I can gather, it looks to have turn-based combat as well.

Honestly, the artwork alone was what brought my attention to this game. This is a game that is riding on nostalgia alone right now.

A few different characters that have different fighting styles go up against a giant crime syndicate. Besides bosses at the end of each area, most enemies you run into are exactly the same with different size life bars.

However, they upgraded the artwork a bit. The animation is hand drawn and looks incredible. If there was an indie title that I was most excited for coming out this year, it is Boyfriend Dungeon.

The game is a Dungeon Crawler where you pick up all kinds of loot. This obviously includes new types of swords … and then you date them.

Yes, Boyfriend Dungeon is also a dating sim. How you treat your new swords and how you treat your relationship with them levels them up to help you while you are exploring the next dungeon.

It is a brilliant mix of two genres that most people would have never thought to mix. Also, let me clarify: your weapons are people who can turn into swords.

Not the other way around. That would be silly. Like any good relationship, you level up together and make each other stronger.

Indie games are a huge, fun part of our industry. We very much did the same thing with our business.

Only we make delicious, thirst-quenching energy in powder form and RTD cans, not games. So, we get it.

You may be pleasantly surprised. For a full list of games that are due out in , check out our list of video games.

Top image via Streets of Rage 4. This article was written by John D.

News zu Indie Games: Indie-Spiele: Neue Spiele unabhängiger Entwickler für PC und Konsolen. Die besten Indie Games und Epic-/Steam-Geheimtipps Hier findest du News, Tests und Berichte rund um das Thema Indie Games für PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Das sind die Top 5 Indie Games im Juli In dem Indie Game der neuseeländischen Entwickler baut ihr euch ein Netzwerk aus Mai für PC, exklusiv im Epic Games Store. Die 7 besten Indie-Games für Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch und PC - Outer Wilds, Blasphemous, Cadence of Hyrule und viele. Auf findest Du ein Magazin & Showcase, in dem in Form von handverlesenen Previews und Reviews regelmäßig interessante Indiegames Juni Barn Finders vom polnischen Entwicklerstudio Duality Games ist.

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Ihr schlüpft in die Rolle von Peter, der nach einem Unfall in einer alten englischen Villa aufwacht, die jedoch nur auf den ersten Blick verlassen zu sein scheint. Diese Website verwendet Akismet, um Spam zu reduzieren. Mediatonic erreicht mit kuriosen Ideen, dass jede Runde erneut spannend und zu gleich belustigend wirkt. Login Registrieren. Das sind die besten Indie Game Neuveröffentlichungen im Mai Outer Wilds hat bei uns einen riesigen Entdeckungsdrang ausgelöst, da zu jeder Zeit ein Ort in der Spielwelt komplett anders strange Beste Spielothek in Glienecke finden think kann. Dafür kannst du dich hier anmelden. August auf dem PC geplant, die Konsolenversionen folgen im ersten Quartal Wichtige Hilfe stellen eure Dorfbewohner dar, die ihr für die Verteidigung der Farm rekrutieren könnt. Gefällt mir: Gefällt mir Wird geladen In dieser Rolle sollt ihr die Welt aus einem endlosen Wiedergeburtskreislauf befreien. Mit schneller Musik untermalt, werden gewalttätige Combos im Weird West choreografiert. Nach Wetten Online FuГџball Ableben werdet ihr zum Beispiel von einem Dämon wiederbelebt, der euch jedes Mal aufs neue verhöhnt. Ein mittelalterliches Puppentheater zum Mitspielen. Dabei gibt es einige Wendungen und Geheimnisse, die wir euch natürlich nicht Spoilern werden. Wer erinnert sich nicht an die ultra komische und schwierige Zeit? Genesis Noir versucht Momente zu erschaffen, die unvergesslich und nahbar sind. Eigentlich geplant als DLC, wuchs der Inhalt so enorm, dass nun ein eigenständiges Spiel daraus wird. Die Balance zwischen Licht und Dunkel soll wiederhergestellt werden. Doch Shakedown: Hawii bietet mehr. Im fiktiven Lateinamerika der 80er Jahre muss man als Drogenbaron ein Kartell errichten, Drogen verkaufen und sich gegen Behörden und andere Kartelle durchsetzen um der erfolgreichste Narco aller Zeiten zu werden. Man fällt Bäume und schürft Gestein, um Werkzeuge herzustellen. Ihr nur weiter, indem ihr neue Aspekte des Sonnensystems versteht. Visit web page die weitere Nutzung unserer Website erklären Sie sich mit dem Einsatz von Cookies einverstanden. Well, there are other types of monsters. Read our full Into the Breach review. In fact, being trapped in the closet in The Stanley Parable is more moving and funny than the majority of other games, indie and. Well, there are a lot read article other awesome upcoming indie games to watch out in Beste Blankenrath finden Spielothek — some just on the horizon, and others a ways out but still coming this year. You play the Boy, a child with glowing eyes who is cast into Limbo to find his sister.

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Durch GlГјckГџpirale Mittwoch weitere Nutzung unserer Website erklären Sie sich mit dem Einsatz von Cookies einverstanden. Blasphemous trägt die Blasphemie ja schon this web page Namen und see more geht es im Spiel weiter! Die Balance zwischen Licht und Dunkel soll wiederhergestellt werden. Haben wir zur Gamescom schon genossen, wird hoffentlich auch in voller Länge nen abgefahrener Trip. Atomicrops befindet sich seit dem 5. Wie im Vorgänger wird article source Schwierigkeitsgrad beibehalten, doch wie im Trailer schon zu sehen war, wird das Gameplay mit vielen neuen Gadgets und Fähigkeiten erweitert. Das Gameplay kann sich durch den gefundenen Loot und eure Entscheidungen extrem verändern. Gameboy-Nostalgiker sind hier jedoch genau richtig!

Indie Games 2020 Video

ARSENAL BLOG Wir wollten beispielsweise herausfinden, wie Indie Games 2020 der Indie Games 2020 des Anbieters der Praxis Go here lange Zeit zu sein, und bieten zumeist Tages und Nacht Zeit mit sofort weg ist, weil du herauszufinden wie zuverlГssig der Service.

DFB POKAL MAINZ 05 But opting click the following article of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Das Team von Giant Squid arbeitet ein einem neuen mystischen Abenteuerspiel rund um eine Bogenschützin und ihren Adler. Dies sollte dabei helfen die über neuen Gegner und Bosse zu besiegen. Als kopfloser Gefangener durchstöbert ihr die Untiefen verschiedener Dungeons, die Roguelite-Typisch mit jedem Run neu generiert werden. Abbrechen Ja. Sunhead bauen ein knuffiges und entspannendes Adventure Game innerhalb eines eigentlichen Puzzle Gamesin dem du die Landschaft erst mal passend zurechtlegen musst, um die mysteriösen Landstriche zu erkunden. Der First Person Horror In Sound Mind fordert dich mit deinen eigenen link Erinnerungen heraus, vor dessen Bedrohungen du dann read more mal flux wegrennen kannst.
Beste Spielothek in Uttenstetten finden Style Games
Skat Online Spielen Gegen Computer Spiele 10 Burning Heart - Video Slots Online
HANNOVER LOSVERFAHREN Ein letztes Mal möchte Sam sich in here ehemaligen Heimatstadt von seinem besten Freund verabschieden, doch scheinbar die Stadt nicht von ihm. Mehr dazu erfahrt ihr more info der offiziellen Webseite Bloodroots. Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig. Ähnlich wie bei den retroinfizierten Retro-Pixel-Platformern, ebbt die anschwellende Liebe source Gaming-Branche zum Cyberpunk wohl lange noch nicht ab. The Last Haven von Thunder Devs ist ein Mix aus Aufbaustrategie und Survivalsimulation, der uns in eine Welt versetzt, die von einem Atomkrieg ziemlich verwüstet wurde. Mit besserer Ausrüstung gelangt man im Spielverlauf an wertvollerer Schiffe.

You have a number of to-do lists for each area of the village, not to mention a much larger list of bonus and hidden tasks, which will keep you pestering the inhabitants of this quaint rural idyll for many hours after the credits roll.

We seldom see a games successfully explore the intersection between interactive fiction and gaming. Everything unfolds to a simple rhythm as you log into your computer, and a search for love instantly pops up, revealing a series of clips you can watch.

To dig further, listen out for select phrases and search the ones you think will yield a result — throwing up countless new avenues to explore.

Anyone young enough to remember the fledgling days of the internet is set for a steady stream of nostalgia as they navigate grainy instructional videos, floods of pop ups, and a cluttered, gif-laden desktop.

The theme is echoed in the gameplay. In some ways, Jonathan Blow could be credited with kickstarting this whole indie boom almost a decade ago with time-bending puzzler Braid.

The Witness carries an air of importance in its world and subdued narrative, but those elements betray the core experience. The Witness entirely revolves around a learning curve that it expects you to discover for yourself.

You first have to figure out the rules of a type of puzzle, then how to apply those rules in new ways, before usually breaking those rules in order to encompass new ones.

So there. Go faster: With the best PC racing games. Rocket League pits two teams against each other to score goals while turning over engines at a high RPM, bouncing balls from bumper to bumper, and blasting them to the back of the net with a quick boost of acceleration.

Not sure of those tactics? Our Rocket League tips guide can help. Learning tricks to more successfully pass and mastering ball control adds depth should the game really strike you, but at its most fun, Rocket League is an exceptional piece of casual bliss.

The muted colours feel less stylised than the bright whites and dark blacks of Limbo. Environments have more depth, detail, and the lighting is more sophisticated: cavernous factories and facilities are brought to life as you march in lockstep to evade capture.

As you run further into its world the puzzles become more complex and lend themselves to more questions — why are corpses being re-animated, and how can you use them to progress?

Inside also has one of the most debated and intriguing final acts of any videogame. By keeping the battlefield to an intimate eight by eight grid, Into the Breach challenges you to think carefully about your approach to combat and makes you regularly switch up your tactics.

Enemies can be blocked, killed, or moved around the grid, giving you plenty of tricks to deploy in your desperate bid to save humankind.

Oxenfree is pretty good at everything it does, but it becomes one of the best indie games on PC for its excellence in one area: conversation.

Made by Telltale and Disney alumni, this beautiful teen drama has the most natural speech system in games; well-written chatter that flows between friends and never awkwardly pauses while you choose a dialogue option.

And what a story it is. Puzzles, exploration, and character development drives this gem, and the multiple endings will have you re-playing to experiment with how the core friendships at the heart of Oxenfree pan out.

A hazy close-quarters combat game that turns the top-down tussles of the original GTA into a new martial art, Hotline Miami is a brutal, neon-soaked tribute to grindhouse ultraviolence.

Every day a mystery caller asks you in no uncertain terms to kill a building-full of bad guys. Bite the dust and a quick tap of the reset key has you ready for action again.

From PC gaming schlub to Ryan Gosling in just a few short repetitions. A cute role-playing management game , it plays to the farming strengths of the popular Harvest Moon games, while simultaneously being its own brand of charming.

As you plant new crops and inject life into your land your focus will shift to exploration of the world around you.

The valley is in similar need of loving attention, and it makes for the perfect project to unwind with night after night.

Bursting with personality, Stardew Valley is an unmissable adventure for anyone craving the village life.

Left to discover why the big old house on the hill recently occupied by your parents and sister now lies empty, Gone Home sees you wander between rooms and dig through the domestic debris — turning over pizza boxes and checking the sleeves of cassette tapes for clues.

Related: The best action-adventure games on PC. The real game is in piecing together the fragments of family history, parenting problems, and teenage angst that you find, and drawing conclusions.

Speaking of big old houses on a hill, Giant Sparrow — the folks behind console-only The Unfinished Swan — have a mystery for you to solve in a secluded part of Washington State.

What Remains of Edith Finch takes cues from the exploration of games like Gone Home and Firewatch, but it also features new ideas and refinements to this form of drama that culminate in one of the best examples of storytelling you can find in gaming.

Prepare to have plenty of feelings rush over you in this two-hour indie beaut that we picked as one of the best PC games of Dead Cells is a ferocious action-platformer where death comes swiftly, and often.

Read more: Here are seven other games like Dark Souls. The spurt of blood as you strike enemies feels amazing and speedily powering your way through monster infested areas is devious fun.

In Undertale, however, murder can be treated as a last resort — as we sincerely hope applies to you in real life. This bit indie is one of the best RPGs around, you can subdue, pacify, and even flirt with enemies that stand in your way.

How you approach everything that stands in your way throughout the game actually impacts the story and how characters treat you in the future.

Speaking of the story, you play a kid who falls into the world of monsters, and then has to find a way to escape.

Just before the holidays, I mentioned on Twitter that I was pulling together a story about the most anticipated games of I asked for recommendations, particularly indie games, to include in the list.

Spelunky 2 , Spiritfarer , and more. But there are so many curious and intriguing indie games coming out, I wanted to highlight a few extra gems.

This is by no means a definitive list of cool indie games coming out this year. But they are the ones that caught my eye. Please add your suggestions in comments below.

Howard Lotor is a raccoon who works as a private detective, prowling the mean streets of a dystopian Vancouver.

A free demo is currently available on Steam. Hexagonal civilization-builder Before We Leave from Balancing Monkey Games takes the standard turn-based strategy formula of armed colonization and removes the violence.

Players emerge from post-apocalyptic underground bases to rebuild broken societies, marshaling resources and relearning skills and technologies.

But ancient flying-whale aliens must be persuaded that the growing civs have learned the lessons of the past.

Raise a dog, take the dog for walks, meet other dog-people, start dating. Bloodroots is an overhead-view melee combat game in which Mr.

Wolf, a lumberjack with a taste for extreme violence, moves through various environments at high speed, grabbing items and using them as throwaway weapons.

This is the year of Animal Crossing: New Horizons , but if your passion is particular to cats, then Calico might offer a sweet alternative.

But this is no childish morality play. The stories are based on real-life events, some of which are emotionally searing and morally perplexing.

French outfit The Game Bakers is best known for combat game Furi , but Haven is an entirely different kind of game. In Other Waters uses a minimalist user interface to simulate an artificial intelligence that monitors and guides the exploration of an underwater xenobiologist.

As the story unfolds, the explorer gathers information, takes samples and investigates curiosities. The game also takes much of its humor from Middle Ages marginalia, featuring bizarre grotesques as they do battle with pious nuns.

It looks gorgeous and is coming to Steam this year.

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